I completed a teaching experience of more than 300 hours (Tutorials and Practical works) during my PhD as an instructor (“Doctorant Chargé d’Enseignement”) and then as a Teaching and Research Assistant (“Attaché Temporaire d’Enseignement & de Recherche”). I taught several levels (from BSc to MSc) in various fields related to biological sciences:

  • Evolutionary Ecology (MSc I)
  • Evolutionary Biology and Genomics (BSc III)
  • Analyses of Biological Data – Experimental Methodology (BSc II)
  • Plant Biology (BSc I)
  • Animal Biology (BSc I)
  • Organization of the Living World (BSc I)
  • Diversity, Ecology & Evolution of Birds (BSc III)
  • Evolutionary Biogeography (BSc II & III)
  • Introduction to Population Genetics (MSc I)
  • Molecular Evolution (MSc I)
  • Phylogeny and Comparative Method (MSc I)
  • Population biology (Genetic Applications for Agronomy) (BSc III)
  • Introduction to Population Dynamics (MSc I)
  • Biodiversity and Dynamics of Tropical Ecosystems, Ethnoecology (MSc I)
  • Population Genetics (advanced) (MSc I)
  • Zoology (BSc III)
  • Animal Biology (BSc II)
  • Macroecology and Biogeography (MSc I)
  • Experimental Approach in Biodiversity (BSc I)
  • Population Genomics and Molecular Evolution (MSc I)

Since February 2014 (and until 2018), I am also qualified in the sections 67 (Population Biology & Ecology) and 68 (Organisms’ Biology) of the French National Council of the Universities to apply to positions of Assistant Professor (“Maître de Conférences”).

Supervision of students

co-supervised 6 students in various parts of their project including labwork, data analyses and help in the writing of their dissertation.