Some scientific friends & main collaborators…

AG_IDAnaïs Gibert, likes things called mycorrhizae, plant functional traits and agroecology and is used to manipulate huge data set on R. Currently she is teaching me how to set up a reproducible analysis pipeline on R or how to deal with Github stuff.

BD_IDBoris Delahaie, has now moved towards the “dark side” of population genetics: the quantitative one, but we still have some clines to fit on older works together. Boris is also an amazing birder and a good wildlife photographer.

Cécile Capderrey, is scientifically interested in freshwater things and other small beasts. She is also a good wildlife and travel photographer. A little bit like me, she often ends up, being happy with some southwestern French gastronomy and a couple of ski rides in the Pyrenean puffy snow.

PJM_IDPierre-Jean Malé (“Ant-man”), is broadly interested in ant-plant interactions and is very enthusiastic about hips of other research and science communication topics. He has also this particularity of always being elegant, even after weeks of fieldwork in harsh conditions.

SL_IDSébastien Lavoué, is passionate about fish biogeography and systematics but he is also a fierce adversary if you have the opportunity to play squash against him. As far as I know, he still hold the world record of the 10 km run in its category “signed up at the last minute without training”.

YB_IDYann Bourgeois (“genome whisperer”), is a specialist of the genomic bases of almost everything and has been working on various scientific topics ranging from bird colouration to host-parasit interactions in daphnia. He also blogs, plays the violin, takes pictures, like drinking good spirits and hates impolite people, a bit like Hannibal.

Some “photo friends”…

AK_IDAlex Kunz is a german photographer based in Taiwan. You should have a look at his blog (in English), especially if you are using Micro Four Thirds systems and like to mount old lenses on digital bodies, but not only.

Some “naturalist friends”…

RR_IDRémi Rudelle, is a friend I met when we were both students at the university. He is passionate about insects and animal anatomy. Although he has an immoderate interest for skeletons, he recently decided to find a ‘real job’ and has created his own business: REM (Rudélide Expertise Muséologie).